Ali. Vancouver. 19

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Bunu yeni sevdim.

This is another of my favs

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Girl, take a seat

Rest your weary bones…

Listen to this too because this one is my fav, I’m obsessed

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Listen to this song if you want, it’s really good

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Diplomat’s Son - Vampire Weekend

that night I smoked a joint with my best friend,
we found ourselves in bed,
when I woke up he was gone.


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the only thing keeping me going through this week is knowing i’m gonna be doing shrooms with eli on friday!!!

Not without me OMG wait until you guys come visit me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

omg i wish i don’t have enough!

how iconic would the lgsa on shrooms together be tho let’s please make it happen

Come to victoria when it’s sunny and we can walk up this cute lil mountain called mount tolmie and it’s so pretty up there and you can see the whole city and lay in the grass and when the sun is out it’s so nice even sober and we should do that on shrooms and then we can go to my house and watch a movie and drink hot chocolate in my bed because it’s huge and comfy and a cloud and yea I miss u guys and then we can do m and go clubbing too because it’s fun

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i need to get laid to feel good about myself this weekend and also i need to graduate soon im gettin sick of this shit 

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